About Wake Up World

This site is a labor of love.

For years, we’ve watched as western governments perpetrate crimes in the name of freedom, while tightening the censorship of opinions that contradict their political agenda.

On May 1st 2011, we witnessed yet another global lie being perpetrated by the power-brokers of global government – this time, the supposed ‘killing’ of Osama Bin Laden.  Overwhelmed with anger and disbelief at the arrogance of this newest piece of propaganda, we vowed to do something positive, however small, to help unravel the web of lies our governments continue to spin.

We believe it’s time to show as many people as possible that the news fed to us via mass media is often created to serve a political agenda of manipulation, fear and control.  By standing in our truth and sharing it with the world, we hope to contribute in some small way to creating the new, enlightened future we KNOW is on the horizon.  We all just have to do our part.

Of course, we encourage discernment and critical thinking.  We certainly don’t believe everything we see, hear and read, and we don’t encourage you to either.  Question any and all information that comes across your path, and that includes the information presented on this website. But most importantly go with what feels right in your heart. We encourage discussion so feel free to strike up a conversation; you just never know who you may make a connection with. If something you read or see here rings true to you, pass the knowledge on (there are easy ‘sharing’ options for Twitter, Facebook and email under each of our posts).

This site simply represents our truth, and an alternative voice to the mass media.

  1. Dear folks,
    Thank you SO much for what you’re doing…could you please alert me, thought my email, to your newest posts?
    Well done,
    love, Anjali

    • Hi Anjali and thank you so much for your interested in Wake Up World.
      I have added you to our email subscription service. You will receive an email shortly asking you to confirm this.
      We hope that you enjoy our future articles as we attempt to shed light onto world issues.
      In light & in service

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