About Us

We (Ryan and Randy) have been together around nine years now – give or take.  We have learnt much so from each other, and continue to learn from each other every day.  We have been there for each other through the best and worst, but approach life from very different perspectives.

Ryan is freedom seeking, fun loving, inquisitive and philosophical, while Randy is analytical, strong minded, mouthy and compassionate.  It’s a combination that works for us.  But more importantly, we think this combination will translate positively to our work on this website.  Ryan is focused and has a nose for news, while Randy is a sceptic who questions everything and asks for ‘proof’ before accepting a ‘truth’.  We challenge each other, and keep each other honest.

Our friends and family think of us as “an average married couple” (even though we can’t legally marry… yet!)  But we also know we have a purpose together.  We both feel a new world consciousness unfolding around us, and want to help “wake up the world” from the endless diversion presented by main-stream media.  Our collective awakening is inevitable.  Everyone just needs to do their bit.

This site is the where our little bit begins……

About Ryan  

I am a 34 year old Sydney-born Sagittarian with a passion for photography, travel, personal freedom, esoteric knowledge and a strong sense of intuition. After working for years as a people manager in one of the world’s largest financial institutions, I left my corporate life behind and chose instead to channel my energy in a positive and life-affirming direction. This decision has been life changing and one that I will never regret nor forget!

I have sat on the sidelines of life, keeping my deepest thoughts and feelings to myself, from fear of ridicule. But I live in a different energy now, and am at a stage in my life where I no longer feel this way – which is part of the reason that this website was born. One of the best lessons I learnt in 2010 was that “it is none of my business what others think of me”. This one sentence has saved me so much energy and time.

I believe that we need to reject fear and move into a place of love and gratitude. The world is in a period of rapid change as time collapses into itself, and the “powers that be” (or more so the “powers that were”) are scrambling to maintain the status quo.  And they seem to be trying every fear tactic in their repertoire to prevent the inevitable; our collective and individual enlightenment.

My personal advice is to reject any type of fear, stay in your centre, and emanate love and gratitude. Also, stop watching and reading mass media news; there is nothing good there for us! We are in the midst of a time never seen or experienced on Earth; one that I believe is multi-dimensional and galactic in nature. As time goes on, through the evolution of this website, I will attempt to show you how I came to this conclusion. As always, these are only my personal opinions, so please take away the information that makes you feel good and leave the rest behind.

The heart is the new brain.

About Randy  

Hi everyone!  I’m Randy, and I’m a 34 year old Leo with strong Virgo tendencies. I was the fourth of five children born to slowly-lapsing Catholic parents. Following an urge for “the big city life” I moved to Melbourne at 18, and currently live in inner-city Sydney (which has well and truly killed that big city urge!)

I currently work as a people-manager for an ASX-listed corporation that provides financial, legal & regulatory services to other ASX-listed corporations; otherwise known as working “in the eye of the hurricane!”  It’s an insane and unsustainable environment. But for now, I accept my need to support myself and my family this way, so I spend my work day creating the warmest most supportive environment I can for my team, and challenging them, and myself, to be the best people we can be.

It wasn’t always this way though.  My “awakening” started when I met my previous partner, Craig. He was lovely and we went through a lot together.  It just wasn’t meant to last.  But he was fabulous and fascinating, and had fabulous and fascinating friends. They discussed art, philosophy, life and the universe. And it was one of Craig’s friends, Eleni, who introduced me to Astrology… and destroyed my sense of smell with her over-use of incense! J  But I digress.

Astrology resonated for me. It instantly made sense to me. And it helped me make sense of myself!  That was when I first realized that the main-stream didn’t always know best.

When I met Ryan a few years later, I had embraced a limited ‘spirituality’ but was still very much the skeptic, bogged down in what I could see and hear and touch. (I still am sometimes). Ry would talk to me about this philosophy or that belief, and sometimes I would say nothing and let it go to the keeper; other times I would challenge him outright. “Prove it!” I would say.

And he did. Repeatedly. And I’m so grateful to him for that.

Of course, once Pandora’s Box opened there was no way to close it. As soon as I accepted one ‘truth’ to be false, I questioned another, and another and another. And the more I questioned, the less convincing the main-stream answers became. Western economies (ponzi schemes) … 9/11 (perpetrated by government) … the War On Terror (declaring war on an abstract noun?? Are you kidding me???)

Some day’s Ryan drives me crazy with new ideas and theories and reading material, when all I want is to put my knees up with a stiff drink. But I’m a better man for opening my mind. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don’t. But we always test each others’ beliefs and assumptions, and drive each other to be more passionate and engaged in our community. Thankfully we are on the same path, together.

As a child, my mother thought I would one day be a politician. I had a big mouth and an opinion about everything! I still do! But today, I know my purpose is to put my big opinionated mouth to good use; to point out a liar when I see one, to share my truth, and to give alternative news and points of view a voice.

“God, the author of all critical thought, requires it to be so” – Roseanne Barr.

 Revolution is not a thing of the past.


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